About Us

We are committed to the sustainable, local production of good food. We want people to be able to get hold of this food easily and in the certain knowledge that they are buying into a project that is based on principles, not profit. We are working for:

Well-being - healthy eating, particularly eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, can help make us fitter and happier and improve health in many different ways.

Local Food - by consuming locally produced food, we can help the local economy while enjoying fresher produce. We help protect the environment by reducing the distance our food travels to reach us.

Quality  - "Organic" food does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides in its production, making it tastier for you and better for the environment. Our "Climate Friendly" food is produced to similar standards and is just as tasty.


Cropshare was started with the help of Growing Communities and, more locally, through an excellent partnership with Fresh Fields Enterprises. While we pay our workers a fair rate, much of the management and development work remains unpaid. However, we are continuing to grow in the spirit of service to local producers, local businesses and, above all, to our customers.