Cropshare was started in 2011 by a group of social entrepreneurs, building on the existing successes of Burnley Food Links. Cropshare is a community business - it aims to do far more than make money. We aim to provide affordable, fresh, seasonal vegetables that have been grown and distributed with a minimal impact on the earth.

We source as much as we can of our produce from local growers. During the 'hungry gap' months of March – June we purchase from further afield, although our preference is always for UK produce. We will occasionally buy European produce. We never buy air freighted produce or produce grown in heated greenhouses. The newsletter will tell you where the produce has come from each week.

We supply in environmentally friendly, re-useable bags rather than in boxes. The food in our bags is either certified organic or accredited by the Climate Friendly Food  scheme.

We are a social enterprise - all profits are re-invested to support the production of sustainable food locally.
We have strong links with all our growers, and we pay a fair price for their produce.
We are supporting Climate Friendly Food, and aim to make sustainably grown fruit and veg affordable for all.