Fresh Soups and Salads

In 2007 Burnley Foodlinks secured funding from Target:Wellbeing for the "Fresh Soups and Salads" project, which was completed successfully by the end of 2009. You can read more about the project below..

Target:Wellbeing aimed to help people achieve healthier and happier lives. It was a programme of over 90 projects that increase exercise, encourage healthier eating and promote mental wellbeing. Funded by £8.9m from the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund, it was managed by Groundwork for the benefit of targeted disadvantaged communities across the Northwest.

Our project was successful and we learned a lot about how food culture (or lack of it) in South West Burnley. If anyone has any research on how successful Target Wellbeing was across the North West, please let us know.



Burnley Food Links Fresh Soups and Salads project

From Jenny Slaughter (Project Manager)

The (Fresh) Soups and Salads Project was designed to enable local people to prepare and cook tasty family dishes using vegetables grown primarily in Burnley. The particular theme of soups and salads was chosen in order to maximise the consumption of locally grown and seasonal vegetables rather than other ingredients.

Although primarily a cooking skills project, it also introduced participants to the health and financial benefits of ‘Growing your Own’ and/or of buying locally produced food. The project developed valuable partnerships with community growing schemes. When devising the structure of the project, Burnley Food Links was anxious to address the huge skills and knowledge gap regarding ‘what to do with vegetables’.

The government Five-a –Day campaign and School Fruit Scheme had successfully raised the profile and made public the essential health benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables. However, it was our observation that many people still lacked the ability to make tasty and appealing dishes using vegetables. There was a particular lack of knowledge regarding those vegetables which grow well in Lancashire but do not necessarily appear in the shops and supermarkets which people from deprived areas have access to.

Interesting recipes were therefore devised to incorporate fresh beetroot, broad beans, kale, swiss chard, brussel sprouts etc. An attractive Soups and Salads Recipe File, featuring an appropriate soups and salad recipe for every month of the year was produced as a legacy of the project and was given to all participants.


Reports - these reports have disappeared from the Internet and we need to locate them locally and upload them:

Project worker's report - of the project by Julie Hemmingway (pdf)

Final evaluation report - of the project by AMN Associates (pdf)


Project flyer: The following is a summary from the flyer.

Promoting healthy local and organic food in Burnley

Our Soups and Salads project involves local community gardens in growing produce specifically for our community cookery classes. Our project worker has developed a seasonal calendar of recipes to optimize the use of local produce by local people. People with unhealthy diets living in areas of deprivation where there is poor access to fresh food are acquiring the skills to include more vegetables in their daily diets in enjoyable and innovative ways.

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