Our Friends and Supporters

Our Friends and Supporters 

We are a small, locally based, organisation and we could not have developed our business without the active help and support of other organisations working to develop local food economies. We want to provide particular thanks to the following organisations and their pioneering leaders.

Growing Communities

Our project was started with copious assistance from Growing Communities (hackney) who also provided the necessary loan finance to get our business going..

Rob Squires - Creative Local Solutions

For developing the web platform here, which allows us to conduct our business efficiently so we can concentrate on serving our customers well and saving them money..

Kindling Trust

For supporting Rob's initial work and, through Manchester Veg People, helping to roll out this new way of doing business in the region.

Freshfields Enterprises 

For providing us with facilities for several years after start-up in exchange for our work in upgrading their vegetable growing facilities. It was good for morale to have vegetables growing within a short stroll from the packing area. 

Jenny Griggs - Fir Tree Farm

Jenny was extremely helpful with the start-up of the business and supplied us not only with much sound technical advice but also premium quality vegetables from Fir Tree Farm. Unfortunately the delivery and collection distance was too far to be economic in the longer term. However, the arrangements gave a welcome boost to our fledgling operation. 

Deerstones Bakery, Colne

Similarly to the Fir Tree experience noted above, we received a supply of excellent bread from Deerstones Bakery in Colne while operations were based in Burnley. Unfortunately our new location in Hebden Bridge means that our arrangement was no longer commercially viable because of the collection and delivery issues.