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Issues (AS)

June 2017

Does the site use cookies? Do we need a cookies policy?

When Tom does edits, author comes up as "anonymous author not verified"

Do we have a "growers/suppliers" section under development

What is the "house style" for fonts? Better to decide now - will it apply to all pages?

During login/setup the url changed to the development site and I found myself creating a page there. Will watch out for that in future.

Done How do we change the text on the front page overlay "Organic, Local veg at affordable prices. A scheme designed to promote healthy eating and help support local growers." ??Got it: Content - Vegbox slide(?)

Editorial suggestions

We should do a page on "Climate Friendly Food" - their website is down. (Remind Angus to draft something).

Info about our suppliers.

Log (AS)

8th June

FAQ page: I have added a line and a link - "How can I join?"

A site design point: the pages at the bottom can be seen as "static" (we shouldn't need to edit them very often). However, my experience is that the supplier list changes as the months go by. In addition, I know that Rob has some pages in development that are customised to cross-promote suppliers.

I've therefore removed the supplier list o a separate page and "parked" the menu item under "About Us". The FAQ page is now linked to the supplier list on the new page. We can easily reset this link when new "supplier" facilities  become available.

7th  June - text tweaks and updates

3rd June 2017

At Configuration - Site Information - change site tile to Pennine Cropshare and strapline to "Healthy local food across the South Pennines"

Changed block "The Veg Box" to "Cropshare: Bringing you the best produce that we can find in our region"

Created new page "Burnley Food Links" - transfer from old site. Linked to  Menu item added.

Contributed draft text for discussion at