How it Works

How and when do I collect my Veg Bag?

When you sign up for a Cropshare Veg Bag, we will send you a confirmation email with information about your collection point and the date that you will receive your first bag. If you are collecting from a shed, the code for the combination lock will be in your welcome email. If you are a fortnightly customer, please make sure you collect your bag on the correct week. Check the delivery sheet at your collection point if you are unsure. If you have any problems accessing your collection point, please email us at or send us a message via our Facebook page. 

We deliver to all of our collection points on Friday. When you collect your bag, drop off the previous week's bag.  

Please check the collection point page on our website to see the approximate time that your bag will be delivered. 

Why are the bags different colours?  

All of our bags are now colour coded so it's really easy for you to spot the correct size bag at the collection point. Your bag will only have a label with your name on it if you have ordered bread or a ‘No Potatoes’ bag. 

Purple = Mini - £6.50

Green = Small - £9

Red = Standard - £12

Yellow = Large - £14

Orange = Bumper - £17.50

Please make sure that you know what size of Veg bag you have ordered and take the correct colour. If you are unsure, please check the delivery sheet at your collection point. If for some reason you don’t think your bag is there, please do not take a different coloured or named bag, as it will cause difficulties along the chain. If you have any problems or questions about your bag, send us an email at and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Can I book a Veg Bag holiday?

Yes! Simply log into your Pennine Cropshare account on our website and click on your user name in the top right hand corner of the screen. Select the ‘holiday’ tab and add your holiday date from the drop down menu. You can add multiple holidays by clicking the ‘add new holiday date’ button.  You can take a break or holiday from your Veg Bag for as long as you like and your direct debit will be stopped.

We have order our veg well in advance. Therefore we require you to change your order online 10 days preceding delivery date/holiday (by Tuesday 12pm).  You will be charged for any orders that have not been changed by the cut off day/time.

Can I change my order?

To change your collection point, bag size, bread order or frequency of your bag click on the ‘change order’ tab in your account on the Cropshare website.

To change your collection point, choose the date that you you’d like to receive your final bag at your current collection point, then select your new collection point. Finally click on ‘change collection option’ and it will be automatically updated on our system. 

To change your bag size, bread order or opt for potatoes/ no potatoes scroll down the list of options and tick the box to the left of the option(s) that you would like. When you have finished click ‘change order contents’. 

To change your collection frequency, simply select the date that you would like this to start from. If you are currently a weekly customer, your order will change to fortnightly from that date and vice versa. Click ‘change collection frequency’ to confirm your changes. 

How do I cancel my Bag?

To cancel your bag permanently, click on the 'cancel order' tab in your account and select the order number you’d like to cancel. Most of our customers only have one bag, so there will be only one option here. Hit the ‘cancel order’ button and your direct debit will be cancelled.  If you want to remain a customer, but want to take time off from your Veg Bag, you can schedule in holidays, rather than cancel.  We are always looking for ways to improve what we do, so would really appreciate feedback on why you have decided to cancel your bag. 

How can I find out what will be in my Veg Bag? 

Once you are signed up to Pennine Cropshare, you will receive a weekly email newsletter letting you know what will be in your bag along with a recipe for inspiration. You can also check the ‘Newsletter’ section of our website where we archive all the weekly newsletters.

Can I choose what is in my Veg Bag?

You can choose whether or not you want potatoes, but other than that you cannot choose what is in your bag. This is because we need to buy bulk quantities of vegetables from our suppliers and pack bags quickly and efficiently, in order to keep our bags so affordable.  This is how we keep our prices lower than other veg box schemes. We do however vary the contents of our veg bags as much as possible and we promise to not give you a cabbage every week!

Why can't I order bread?

We no longer supply bread.

There isn’t enough variety in a small bag for me!

Some of our customers choose to buy a larger size of veg bag every fortnight rather than a small every week. This way you get a much larger variety of veg and less potatoes, carrots and onions than you would get in two small bags.

Is all of the Veg in my bag from the UK?

One of our key priorities is to source as much veg from local and UK growers as we can. We are also actively involved in helping to establish more vegetable growing in the Upper Calder Valley. However from March until June is known as the ‘hungry gap’ as UK produce is very limited at this time of year. During these months there may be a few items from Northern Europe in your bag. 

Why is my bag different to what was advertised in the newsletter?

Sometimes our suppliers have to make last minute substitutions for the vegetables we have ordered, generally because crops aren’t quite ready or good enough to sell. We generally don’t find this out until Wednesday when our veg is delivered. We always try to make sure that whatever has been substituted in your bag is of an equal quality and price. If you think there is an item missing from your bag with no substitution, please email us and we will pop an extra portion of something delicious into your next bag.  


Do you do fruit bags?

We don’t currently offer a fruit bag, though there may occasionally be seasonal fruit, such as rhubarb, plums or apples in your bag, particularly if you get one of the larger bag sizes. For much of the year we would have to source fruit from the other side of the world, which we’re not keen to do. We might look into this in the future if enough customers are interested. 

Why is my veg in plastic? 

We are careful to only use plastic when absolutely necessary, such as when bagging up salad leaves, and where possible use biodegradable alternatives. Sometimes our suppliers also send produce pre-bagged in plastic. Our team wash and reuse the plastic bags that come in our Veg Bags. 

Can I have my veg bag delivered to my house?

We cannot currently offer that service. Delivering multiple bags to convenient collection points means that we can deliver more veg bags in a day, which lowers our carbon footprint, and helps to keep our prices low. 

I don’t know what to do with the veg in my bag!

Don’t worry, check out our Veg Tips Page! We will also send you a recipe in your newsletter every week to help you find delicious new ways to enjoy your veg. You can find an archive of our newsletters and recipes in the ‘Newsletter’ section of our website. 

Why not sign up to our Pennine Cropshare Community Facebook page, where our members share pictures and recipes for meals they have made using their Cropshare Veg Bag. 

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