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Week beginning 29th November - It's all about Brussel Sprouts!
Recipe Suggestion - As we move into December, we are celebrating with not just one, but two recipe suggestions to help convert any Brussel Sprout haters! A Cheesy Sprout Gratin, and "Amazing Brussel Sprouts", spiced up with teriyaki sauce, smoked paprika and garlic. Embrace the sprouts!
Week beginning 22nd November 2021 - Cropshare's festive dinner party, and plans for a delicious Christmas menu!
Recipe Suggestion - Squash and Cabbage Sabzi. January King Cabbages and Harlequin Squash feature in this week's Veg Bags and we've found the perfect curry for them both! This is a lovely, and simple to cook curry which will work as a side dish or a main meal.
Week beginning 15th November 2021 - What no onions! Sorry, UK onions are in low supply. Don't worry we have extra leeks for everyone instead.
Recipe suggestion - Leek and Mushroom Pie. There's nothing more comforting than pie on a chilly winter evening! We love the sound of this creamy leek and mushroom pie, served with lemony kale.
Week beginning 8th November 2021 - A shortage of onions, one of the difficulties facing our farmers.
Recipe suggestion - Blackened Swede And Fennel Salad With Pearl Barley And Winter Greens. It's definitely time to start bringing out the Winter salad dishes. The roasted roots and barley are sweeten with the fennel, and flavoured with a salty balsamic glaze. The finishing touch is a drizzle of honey and lemon!
Week beginning 1st November 2021 - Celeriac and Apples..... Soup or Salad?
Recipe suggestions - There will be apples and celeriac for everyone this week. Will you opt for a classic Celeriac and Apple soup, or the Celeriac, Apple and Red Onion salad?! Two recipe suggestions this week to tempt you with.
Week beginning 25th October 2021 - Just in time for Halloween, Uchiki Kuri Squash for everyone!
Recipe suggestion - Roasted Red Kuri Squash with Creamy Tahini Sauce and Kale. A delicious autumn salad with roasted squash, tossed in a lemon tahini sauce and massaged kale. No need to peel the squash, the skin of Uchiki is edible!
Week beginning 18th October 2021 - IMPORTANT information regarding changes to your order and payment schedules.
Recipe suggestion - Cauliflower Spelt Stew with crispy leeks. A nourishing bowl of nutty spelt with seasonal cauliflower and greens, topped with fried leeks and toasted hazelnuts, it's a proper hearty autumn supper!
Week beginning 11th October 2021 - Cabbages, parsnips and leeks! Great autumnal produce.
Recipe suggestion - Cabbage and Parsnips with Tarragon Confetti. Embrace braised cabbage!
Week beginning 4th October 2021 - Hurray for Will at the Long Causeway Market Garden. He's grown loads of Crown Prince Squash for us!
Recipe suggestions - Roasted Squash and Chard with Cranberries and Pine Nuts and Porotos Granados. To celebrate Will's Crown Prince Squash success, we have suggested not just one, but two recipes to help you enjoy your delicious locally grown squash!
Week beginning 27th September 2021 - New Collection Points in Hebden Bridge, Burnley and Worsthorne.
Recipe suggestion - Celeriac & Cavolo Nero Colcannon with thyme crumb topping. Autumnal mashed celeriac with fried Cavolo Nero, leeks and herby sour dough breadcrumbs. Sounds like a food cuddle!
Week beginning 20th September 2021 - A Cropshare first... Romanesco for everyone. The world's most psychedelic vegetable!
Recepie suggestion - Pan-Roasted Romanesco with Hazelnuts and Crispy Bits. Such a magnifcant vegetable deserves a fantastic recipe suggestion! The "crispy bits" - garlic, hazelnuts and romanesco crumbs fried till golden, sound like the perfect way to add the finishing touch to this dish.
Week beginning 13th September 2021 - We have a winner!
Recipe Suggestion - Warm Lentils with Wilted Chard, Roasted Beets and Goat Cheese. A lovely warming dish, with earthy roasted beets, healthy greens and melted goats cheese.
Week beginning 6th September 2021 - The survey results are in! Thank you for your feedback.
Recipe Suggestion - Dirty Corn. This weekend all our lucky customers will be tucking into corn on the cob. Check out this Dirty Corn recipe in you feel like adding an extra spicy, zesty, cheesy twist to your corn!
Week beginning 30th August 2021 - Preserving, pickling and cocktail making!
Recipe Suggestion - Curried carrot and cauliflower pickle. It's all about preserving, pickling and infusing this week. So here's a sweet and spicy pickle recipe to help you make the most of your Yorkshire grown cauliflowers.
Week beginning 23rd August - The Better Food Traders Pledge - Not On Our Patch!
Recipe Suggestion - Ottolenghi's Aubergine with Miso and Chinese Cabbage. A sexy sounding umami packed recipe from Cropshare's favourite chef Yotam Ottolenghi.
Week beginning 16th August 2021 - It a Popeye kind of week! UK spinach for everyone.
Recipe suggestion - Spinach, Tomato and Feta Quiche. A quick and easy quiche recipe (made with bought pastry), perfect for summer picnics.
Week beginning 9th August 2021 - Custard squash and Cavolo Nero for everyone. UK veg is looking and tasting good!
Recipe suggestion - Moroccan chickpea, squash & cavolo nero stew. A healthy, hearty stew filled with earthy goodness, smothered in a rich spicy sauce.
Week beginning 2nd August 2021 - New bag prices start this week. Thank you for sticking with Cropshare.
Recipe suggestion - Chickpea, chard and porcini mushroom soup. A hearty, earthy soup recipe from our helpful friends at Riverford!
Week beginning 26th July 2021 - This week's veg is all UK grown!
Recipe suggestion - Roasted Beetroot, Carrot, Lentil and Cumin Seed Salad. A yummy, healthy and colourful summer salad, perfect for this week's veg bag contents.
Week beginning 19th July 2021 - Important Information - Veg Bag price rise (sorry we had to do it!)
Recipe suggestion - Fennel and Mixed Green Salad with Pomegranate. A lovely fresh, green crisp salad with crunchy fennel and apple to add a tasty twist. Perfect on a hot summer evening with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc!
Week beginning 12th July 2021 - Jersey new potatoes...what a treat!
Recipe suggestion - Green Bean and Potato Salad with eggs, green herbs and olives. Two newbies to the Cropshare Veg Bag, Jersey new potatoes and UK grown French beans! A perfect combo for this delicous summer salad.
Week beginning 5th July 2021 - Waste not want not!
Recipe suggestion - Kale Stalk Pesto. A lot of people throw away kale stalks, but you needn’t waste them, they make a great pesto! Another useful recipe thanks to Riverford.
Week beginning 28th June 2021 - UK grown cauliflowers for everyone!
Recipe suggestion - Tahini roasted cauliflower with halloumi and lentils. Don't throw your cauli leaves or stalks, in this recipe you can use them both. The cauliflower is roasted in lemony tahini, and served with fried halloumi chunks on a bed of harissa lentils.
Week beginning 21st June 2021 - More UK produce is becoming available as we move out of the hungry gap.
Recipe suggestion - Spicy chickpeas with roasted bunched beets and their tops. There's no waste with this super nutritious dish which uses your UK grown beetroot and their leafy tops. Crunchy, roasted chickpeas, tender, sweet cubes of roasted beetroot and wilted beet tops makes a light and healthy salad dish. Another great recipe from Riverford.
Week beginning 14th June 2021 - Cropshare has a new delivery van!
Recipe suggestion - Mushroon Pâté. This lovely aromatic pâté is delicious spread on buttery toast as a starter, or try it for a dinner main with lots of Pecorino, stirred through a bowl of warm pasta.
Week beginning 7th June 2021 - Cropshare has a new van, we now need more collection points!
Recipe Suggestion - Spanish style swiss chard with chickpeas. Swiss chard is a favourite in Spanish kitchens and in this recipe Riverford Cook Anna pairs it with classic Hispanic ingredients – smoked paprika, chickpeas and garlic.
Week beginning 31st May 2021 - For the first time in Cropshare's history....Asparagus for everyone!
Recipe Suggestion - Asparagus with eggs, herbs and capers on toast. This recipe roasts rather than steams the asparagus. It sounds like a heavenly Sunday brunch dish!
Week beginning 24th May 2021 - Up Plant are growing vertically using aquaponics and fishy fertiliser!
Recipe Suggestion - Rhubarb Dhal. It's all about the rhubard this week! This delicious dhal is one of Cropshare's new favourite dishes, very morish and easy to cook.
Week beginning 17th May 2021 - Growing Communities, the New Economics Foundation and the Soil Association's report.
Recipe suggestion - Courgette, Lemon and Poppy Seed. Light, lemony and delicious, this recipe for courgette, lemon and poppy seed cake is sure to impress!
Week beginning 10th May 2021 - Share your recipes on our Cropshare Facebook Community Group.
Recipe suggestion - Mushroom Risotto with Spring Greens. This rich Procini mushroom risotto is flavoured with thyme, and lifted with shredded spring greens folded in just before serving.
Week beginning 3rd May 2021 - Our new Welcome Leaflet will be in your Veg Bag this week!
Recipe suggestion - Courgette and Lentil Bake. A yummy bake using slices of courgette like lasagna pasta sheets. Finished off with a rich ricotta topping.
Week beginning 26th April 2021- Welcoming Up Plant, our newest local growers based in Colden.
Recipe suggestion - Toasted Seed and Tahini Slaw. A super healthy salad filled with seeds, cabbage and carrots, mixed with yogurt and tahini rather than mayo for a low calorie coleslaw option.
Week beginning 19th April 2020 - Buying locally from Incredible Farm and Up Plant.
Recipe suggestion - Herby cannellini on toast topped with spring greens. Anna Jones's posh beans on toast with healthy spring greens, flavorsome herbs and a chilli kick. Who needs Heinz?!
Week beginning 12th April 2020 - Only a few more weeks to wait for UK produce!
Recipe suggestion - Aloo Gobi. Follow the 'Cook with Manali' blog for a delicious potato and cauliflower curry recipe, and loads of other amazing vegetarian and vegan Indian inspired dishes.
Week beginning 5th April 2021 - Check out our new and improved website.
Recipe suggestion - Roast Fennel, Broccoli and Courgette with Sticky Coconut Rice. An easy, adaptable tray bake. The peanut sauce is incredible and everything tastes delicious served on creamy coconut rice.
Week beginning 29th March 2021 - Sunshine and Springtime.
Recipe suggestion - Cheesy Mushroom and Spinach Puff Pastry. A cheeky, cheesy recipe, delicous served with a lovely Spring salad.
Week beginning 22nd March 2021 - Sourcing UK grown veg in the hungry gap.
Recipe Suggestion - Watercress and Courgette Soup. An easy to make soup, packed full of nutrients. A great springtime soup for a vitamin boost.
Week beginning 15th March 2021 - Good Ol' UK parsnips and cabbage.
Recipe Suggestion - Italian-style roast cabbage wedges with tomato lentils. Try creating a rich Mediterranean dish with the humble British cabbage.
Week beginning 8th March 2021 - We love Swedes at Cropshare, we are converted!
Recipe Suggestion - Swede Chips with Parmesan and Rosemary. After trying this recipe the Cropshare team are now big fans of this underrated vegetable.
Week beginning 1st March 2021 - Why we source vegetables from Europe during the UK hungry gap.
Recipe Suggestion - Chickpea, Chard and Porcini Mushroom Soup. This is a really lovely, hearty, big-flavoured soup, underpinned by the earthiness of Porcini mushrooms.
Week beginning 22nd February 2021 - Aubergines! A treat from Spain to see us through the hungry gap.
Recipe Suggestion - Epic Baba Ghanoush. A hummus style dip, using smoky aubergines, garlic, lemon juice, tahini and spices.
Week beginning 15th February 2021 - Dare we say it's starting to feel a little like Springtime?
Recipe Suggestion - Vegetarian Mushroom Chilli. A quick and easy chilli recipe with smoked paprika, cumin and coriander. Who needs mince meat?!
Week beginning 8th February 2021 - Who doesn't love Cauliflower Cheese?!
Recipe Suggestion Cauliflower Mac 'n'; Cheese. An indulgent cheesy, carb treat. The ultimate comfort food for a cold February weekend.
Week beginning 1st February 2021 - Greetings from a snowy valley.
Recipe Suggestion Parsnip and Maple Syrup Cake. Our fantastic volunteer Fiona wowed the team with this delicious cake! It's all about creating comfort food with our veggies at the moment.
Week beginning 25th January 2021 - Flooding in the UK and how it affects our farmers.
Recipe Suggestion - Swede Chocolate Brownies. Oh my goodness....these brownies are to die for. Even the most fussy child wouldn't guess these brownies are 40% swede! Another reason to love swedes.
Week beginning 18th January 2021 - Flooding and freezing conditions,the challenges UK farmers are facing.
Recipe Suggestion - Beetroot Pie. Based on the sweet and spicy American pumpkin pie, this recipe uses British beetroot, which gives it an amazing colour and flavour. Serve with crème fraîche.
Week Beginning 11th January 2021 - How the Pandemic and Brexit will affect our wholesale suppliers.
Recipe Suggestion - Vegan Mushroom Soup. A lovely creamy soup recipe for all our customers and Veganuary friends.
Week beginning 4th January 2021 - Happy New Year! A new year, and a new shed at the Golden Lion.
Recipe Suggestion - Celeriac & Cavolo Nero Colcannon. An indulgent comfort food recipe, made with creamy celeriac mash and cavolo nero with a crispy thyme crumb, We can start the new year's diet tomorrow!