Standard Veg Bag


A tasty range of vegetables to get you through the week, it’s the perfect choice for a couple or small family, with 6 to 7 varieties each week.

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Mytholmroyd Maslin (Maslin sourdough)
Naturally leavened loaf using a mix of organic white, spelt rye flours.
Contains: Organic white flour, organic rye flour, spelt flour, water, sea salt

Royd Rye (Rye sourdough)
Naturally leavened loaf using 100% rye flour
Organic rye flour, water, sea salt. Contains no wheat flour. Rye flour contains rye gluten

Cragg Vale Crust (White sourdough)
Naturally leavened loaf using 100% organic white flour.
Contains: Organic white & spelt flours, water, sea salt

Malted Seeded Granary (Granery sourdough)
Naturally leavened loaf using organic white and malthouse flours.
Contains: organic white flour, organic malthouse flour, barley malt extract, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, linseed, sesame seed and salt.

Veg bags without potatoes are available as an option. These are made up with more of the other seasonal veg for the week and cost £1 extra for mini, small and standard bags, and £2 extra for large and bumper bags. This is to cover the difference in veg prices and additional administration required.

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