Mother use 100% WILDFARMED flour which is grown by farmers following strict protocols that ensure biodiversity and soil health. This process is not only a sustainable form of agriculture but also produces the most delicious flour. Their bread is slowly fermented, a process that takes 3 days from start to finish and allows for greater depth of flavour, superior texture and also a long lasting and highly digestible product. In short, we aspire to produce bread that is first and foremost a pleasure to eat but also good for you and good for the planet". Wildfarmed flour is grown to organic standards, and the bread is baked locally in Luddendenfoot.

Being part of Cropshare has changed my cooking habits. I eat seasonally, according to nature, the way humans have eaten for millennia, it supports health. I create less waste, go to the supermarket less, and I am creative in the kitchen!

— Lotta

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